Breivik looked up to Japanese monoculturalism

10 years ago by in Japan

In the aftermath of Norway’s worst violence since World War II, documents are beginning to emerge that show the online life that suspected killer Anders Breivik lived. One comment posted to the right-wing site shows Breivik had admiration for the "monoculturalism" of Japan.

In comments made on New Year’s Eve 2009 by the suspect, in response to a claim that globalization and modernity cannot be reversed, Breivik looks to Japan and South Korea for his response.

"You may not have heard and Japan and South Korea? These are successful and modern regimes even if they rejected multiculturalism in the 70’s. Are Japanese and South Koreans goblins?" the suspect asks.

On Sept. 1, 2010, Breivik expands on his views on Japan and South Korea, expressing his admiration for the two nations’ refusal to accept refugees.

"The UN has for years been trying to push them to receive hundreds of thousands of refugees but the number has ended in a tiny fraction of the original claim," Breivik says.

"Multiculturalists will be very embarrassed if you mention Japan and South Korea as these nations proves quite obvious [sic] that mass immigration is only a result of speciļ¬c Marxist doctrines and very rarely economically or culturally privileged. Japan/South Korea has a border and border guards. If one lacks the visa one is denied passage … (Europe had known this scheme prior to 1950-1960).

"The interesting question is, why are not Japanese and South Koreans demonized as Nazis and fascists?"

It’s unlikely Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be happy to see they have such a fan.

Photo by quapan h/t to twocutedogs