Bunny cafes tempt animal lovers in Japan

7 years ago by in Entertainment

After goat, cat and owl cafes, Japan could not miss opening rabbit cafes as well. The places where you can enjoy the company of a furry, long-eared friend are called “usagi cafes” and were opened some years ago, but the funny cafes really started to become a trend in 2012.

Some establishments have funny names, like “Rabbi” or “Ra.a.g.f.,” which is short for “Rabbit and grow fat,” writes the local press. While some of the cafes allow the customers to buy as well a rabbit when they leave, being basically pet shops where you can also have some coffee or deserts, other places do not include the option of leaving home with a bunny.

Also, some of the cafes allow for customers to sit in the same place with the animals, while others separate the café zone of the rabbit area. The rules depend on the establishment’s owner, with some of them asking customers to sterilize their hands and place a paper towel over their lap before starting to play with the bunnies.

But Japan did not open only cafes that have to do with four-legged animals, but also bird-themed ones. Owl cafes like Fukurou no Mise (“Owl Shop”) and Tori no Iru Cafe (“The Cafe with Birds”) started to become famous online in Japan last year and so far more owl cafes opened in Tokyo, such as Fukurou Sabou (“Owl Teahouse”) and Osaka – Owl Family.

While some of the cafes allow their customers to hold the birds while they are having their drinks, others have harsher rules when it comes to touching the owls. Some of the cafes include in their menus owl-themed snacks.