Bus firm president to be arrested in highway crash case

8 years ago by in Featured, Japan

The police may soon arrest president of bus operator Rikuentai in connection with the worst single-vehicle highway accident in Japan, which occurred last month in Gunma Prefecture and claimed the lives of seven people, leaving other 38 injured.

The police obtained an arrest warrant for Yumihide Hariu, aged 55. The police suspects that Hariu allowed driver Kazan Kono to use his company’s name to obtain business permits for Kono’s four buses and thus violated the Road Transportation Law.

Hariu already admitted after the accident that he allowed Kono to use his company’s name. He denied however taking any bribe for it.

Kono, aged 43, was indicted last week for negligent driving resulting in death and injury. In the early hours of April 29, the driver crashed Rikuentai’s overnight tour bus into a roadside wall on the Kanetsu Expressway while he was driving to Tokyo Disneyland.