Buses, trains could work 24 hours a day in Tokyo

7 years ago by in Japan

In the near future, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government could provide a cheaper transport option than taxis: buses and trains that operate all day long.

On April 16, Governor Naoki Inose announced his intention to have some TOEI bus routes run 24 hours a day. Citing the Shibuya to Roppongi route as one candidate for enhanced service, the governor said he expected 24-hour operations to start by Christmas, according to the local press.

Referring to the subway, the governor said 24-hour operations might be difficult. However, he added, “We will extend hours of operation to the extent allowable. For buses though, it should be possible.”

The option of having non-stop public transport would provide a cheaper alternative for getting home after working extra hours or after a late-night out.

The idea had both supporters and contesters on the internet. Some of them agreed to the idea and said “I would prefer 24-hour buses to trains, then I will be able to get home from anywhere!” or felt sorry for the taxis, saying: “Taxi drivers will be in tears” and “This will cause inevitable damage to Tokyo’s taxi industry.” Others did not agree with the new proposal, saying “Do not do it! It will mean more overtime”.