Cabbage wine sold in Yamanashi Prefecture for 30 years

8 years ago by in Entertainment

Yamanashi Prefecture is famous in Japan for the wines produced there. Within it, Narusawa Town at the base of Mt. Fuji is also famous for the large quantity of cabbages that grow locally. People from Narusawa decided to use the abundant crop of cabbage to make alcohol of it and so a unique brand of drink was born: Cabbage Wine.

Cabbage Wine is famous for its flavor and has been on sale in Narusawa Town for roughly 20 to 30 years, the local press reports. The cabbage cannot ferment properly because it does not contain sugar; this is why Cabbage Wine is made from only 60 percent cabbages and 40 percent grapes.

The result is a wine that’s deep yellow in color and has a very strong scent of alcohol. In actuality, the alcohol content is less than 13 percent, similar to most other wines on the market–a fact reflected in the flavor.

The wine tastes somewhat sweet and has a slightly hint of grassy cabbage, which makes the wine unique. Curious ones can buy it only at two locations: JA Narsawamura and its closest highway rest stop.