Can bike sharing work in Tokyo?

8 years ago by in Featured, Sports

Tokyo is a city where more than 6,000 people are crowded into a single square kilometer. It may seem like a place where bike sharing programs would be a utopia. But a experimental trial launched in 2010 has shown good chances of success.

The Toyama bike sharing program, launched with the help of a French advertising company offers several hundreds bicycles that locals can use over several square kilometers and then return to designated places.

Can Tokyo with its 13 million people that populate only the center of its sprawling metropolis be friendly enough for bicycle riders? The surprising answer is yes, as Japanese people are in general likely to follow rules and laws. The most important detail for a system like this to be able to work according to the director of the Tokyo Cycling Club.

Tokyo is already a good place to ride says one of the members of the Club, a foreign resident. The rules of the road are respected and this makes the city safe for both riders and pedestrians, even if space is still an issue.