Japanese science of crowd control [VIDEO]

8 years ago by in Featured, Japan

The famous Black Friday event and the shopping chaos that surrounds it every year is a typical thing for many Western societies, starting with the United States. A still unresolved question is how could anybody organize the huge crowds of consumers so as to avoid the big problems that occur every time.

Angry clients fighting with each other for a product or a better place in the queue are common things in the U.S. and other places.

Japan seems however to have found the solution to the problem, as it showed by this time-lapse video recorded at Comiket, a semi-annual Tokyo comic book fair that usually gathers half a million people.

The video presents an incredible (to most Westerners) level of order and discipline among the Japanese clients standing in queue. The lines come and go in an efficient and speedy manner, visible especially starting with the 2:05 mark.

It could give many shop organizers and buyers in others countries something to meditate about, the Washington Post comments.