Care and energy businesses get new support

8 years ago by in Japan

Japan’s government intends to support businesses in target fields by promoting a new bill, according to the economy, trade and industry minister Yukio Edano.

Aggressive economic policies are vital, Edano said. New businesses in fields like child care, health care and energy conservation will be backed up.

Non-stop urban child care services, health services for the elderly in both public and private facilities, as well as robot makers for the nursing-care sector are among the new industries that the government intends to support. Household power-saving installations using intelligent meters are also on the list.

According to Edano, the new bill will be submitted to the ordinary Diet session convening in January.

Japan has been trying to encourage a shift towards renewable energy sources after the nuclear crisis which emerged last March.

The cost of producing energy from coal, liquefied natural gas and oil are expected to rise by 2030, due to rising fuel prices and costs with carbon emission, while producing wind and solar energy will become cheaper by 2030, according to a government panel.