Cat Island in Japan hosts more felines than humans

7 years ago by in Japan

Tashiro-jima, or „Cat Island”, is famous in Japan for being the rare place where cats outnumber humans.

On Cat Island, which is off the coast of central Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture, hundreds of cats outnumber  the 100 permanent residents. Most of the people living on Cat Island are over the age of 65. Back in time the human population here used to be far numerous, with around 1,000 people at one point.

Cat Island used to be a place where fishermen were usually stopping back in the 1800s. It was a common thing for cats to beg for food from the fishermen, who thought felines were good luck and could predict fish patterns.

The island hosts 10 cat shrines now, many cat-shaped buildings with „ears” on the roof and 51 cat-shaped monuments.

Cats were first brought on the island to control pests and over time they outnumbered the island’s residents by almost four to one, according to the international press. There is no surprise that dogs’ presence is forbidden on the island.

Tashiro-jima is also known as “Manga Island,” says Japan Guide, due to a manga-themed camping resort on the island’s southern.