Chicken and Beer Destination: Hamamatsucho

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I live near Hamamatsucho, and the best places (or at least the most popular) to fill your belly around here tend to cater to the business person. During the day, quick lunch from a Yakitori stand hits the spot for thousands of office workers. Later on in the evening, however, dozens of amazing Izakaya are filled to the brim with grilled meats, fried potatoes, beer, oh, and cool dudes in suits with loosened ties and painted on smiles.

My favorite spot is Kurokiya, a short 1 minute walk from Hamamatsucho station. It’s a small place, but always bright and lively, with a staff that goes over the top to ensure your evening is well spent, not just eating but having a great time while you’re at it!


Smoke billows from an open window at Kurokiya, near Hamamatsucho station.

Free Appetizer Dish at Kurokiya

Nothing like some amazingly tender meat and vegetables to start things off right. This stuff was so delicious, I licked the bowl clean. Seriously, I kinda put it straight up to my mouth and licked it…

Chicken With Tartar Sauce

A house specialty, if you haven’t had tartar sauce with chicken, it is a great combination. It’s like a proper version of "chicken and chips" without the chips. That is, unless you order them separately…

Beer and Potatoes

You can’t get much better than beer and potatoes. The gigantic, seasoned wedge-cut-crispy-fried kind.


Always good to finish things off with a good glass of sake, and Kurokiya did it right!

Kurokiya Staff

The kind folks at Kurokiya pose for a photo op.

Good people, good food, good times!

Kurokiya is located at
105-0013 Tokyo, Minato-ku
Hamamatsu-cho 2-11-7
Fujimoto Building 1F