China brands Japan’s diplomatic strategy as “self-deception”

7 years ago by in China, Featured, Japan

Japan’s “persistent defiance” in the territorial dispute with China is actually “self-deception”, said the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei, referring to claims by Japan that Tokyo was trying to calm tensions with Beijing.

Since Japan’s illegal “purchase” of the islands in September, relations between the two countries have witnessed a substantial change, and Beijing urged Tokyo to abandon its illusion of occupying the islands, Hong said.

The fact that a dispute over the Senkaku islands (Diaoyu in Chinese) exists has been long denied by Japan, the Chinese press writes.

In a report by China Daily publication, a director of the Japanese diplomacy teaching and research section under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is quote saying that Japan’s “flashy language” for diplomacy and “easing tension” are aimed at bluffing the international community, and with little sincerity.

The researcher, Lu Yaodong, added that “Tokyo’s stance is not as soft as it seems, as hard-line action has been taken to escalate the territorial fray, including it hiking its budget to boost its regional maritime presence.”