China develops Facebook for children

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Children in China can share their art projects online with parents or grandparents by using a private social network similar to Facebook. The project is called SmarTots and is a mobile education platform for children from two to seven. Japan’s phone and Internet giant Softbank, which provided funding, is betting SmarTots will succeed.

The platform, designed as a game center for app developers, is now adding functions that allow parents to “Like” or comment on their children’s projects by using a layout that is similar to Facebook’s site, according to the international press.

After posting the art projects, children can “share” their creations “to Mommy”.

“Children are engaged with the devices and the content, but parents have no idea what they are doing,” said Anna Lo, a partner who helps manage the $85 million fund that backed SmarTots.

“In old traditional forms, there were photo books and scrap books. In today’s digital age that is rapidly being replaced with mobile content stored on various digital devices,”  she added.

Softbank thinks the demand for educational services will grow in China and so will the demand for smartphones and tablets.

“People will pay a lot for their kid’s educations,” said Duncan Clark, Beijing-based chairman of BDA China, which advises technology companies. “There is a lot of spending power around educational betterment.”