China makes discipline-guide for tourists: no nose-picking, pee in pools

7 years ago by in China, Entertainment

Chinese authorities created a handbook dedicated to tourists, in order to discipline their reported unruly behavior abroad. The handbook includes rules such as: “Do not pick your noses in public. Do not pee in pools. Do not steal airplane life jackets.”

The National Tourism Administration publicised its 64-page Guidebook for Civilised Tourism — with illustrations to accompany its list of dos and don’ts — on its website ahead of a “Golden Week” public holiday that started on October 1, the international press reports.

As the number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad increased lately, they created a stereotype of “uncivilised behaviour”, which Vice Premier Wang Yang said in May had “damaged the image of the Chinese people”.

While some European countries relaxed the conditions of obtaining a visa to attract more Chinese tourists, they have complained as well about the visitors’ behaviour.

A mainland Chinese woman who in February had her son relieve himself in a bottle in a crowded Hong Kong restaurant sparked an outpouring of anger online, with some locals deriding mainlanders as “locusts”.

The handbook warns tourists to keep their nose-hair neatly trimmed and, if they had to pick their teeth, never to use their fingers. It also urged them not to occupy public toilets for long periods of time or leave footprints on the toilet seat. Nor should they pee in swimming pools.

Travelers should not drink soup straight from the bowl or make slurping sounds when eating noodles, it warned.

And after taking a flight they must leave the life jackets underneath their seats, the rulebook said, explaining that “if a dangerous situation arises then someone else will not have a life jacket”.