China’s Lenovo becomes world’s number one PC maker

9 years ago by in China, Featured, Technology

IT industry data company Gartner announced that Chinese PC maker Lenovo has for the first time climbed up on the first position in worldwide personal computer shipments, leaving the long-lasting leader of the industry Hewlett-Packard on the second spot.

Lenovo saw its market share increasing to 15.7 percent in the July-September period, while U.S.-based HP managed to cover only 15.5 percent of the market.

Gartner’s explanation for the evolution is that Lenovo has “taken an aggressive position on pricing, especially in the professional market,” according to Kyodo.

It is the first time since the third quarter of 2006 when HP loses the top position in the global rankings.

Dell was the number three maker with a 10.5 percent global market share, followed by Taiwan’s Acer with 9.8 percent, and another Taiwan firm, Asus, with 7.3 percent.

Gartner added that worldwide PC shipments totaled 87.5 million units in the quarter, a sharp decline of 8.3 percent from a year ago. One of the reasons may be that many retailers and consumers held back for the new Windows 8 PCs due in late October.