Chinese crew member arrested over ship crash in Japan

7 years ago by in Japan

A Chinese sailor was arrested on Monday in Japan after last week two cargo ships boat have crashed in Japanese waters, according to Japanese officials.

Xia Hong-bo, 35, was on duty when the Sierra Leone-registered ship Jia Hui crashed with the Eifuku Maru No 18 on Friday, Japanese coast guard said.

Five crew members of the Japanese ship Eifuku Maru died. The sixth person, also a member of the crew, was 61-year-old Tamao Miki. He is still missing despite a rescue operation that was reportedly underway.

The accident occurred close to Izu Oshima island, located at 100 kilometers south of Tokyo at 1:30 a.m. local time on Friday.

The 498-tonne Eifuku Maru capsized after it collided with the 2,962-tonne Jia Hui.

The Chinese sailor, Xia Hong-bo, who is being held on suspicion of negligence, said he could not avoid the crash although he tried to, according to the international press.

All the 13 members of the Chinese crew, who were heading to South Korea, were not hurt and are now in safe conditions.

The Chinese embassy in Japan said Xia was arrested late on Sunday and the embassy said it has asked Japan to investigate the incident and provide a lawyer for the Chinese crew member.