Chinese media forbidden to support Japan over Senkakus

7 years ago by in China

China’s Communist Party has asked Chinese journalists to refrain from supporting Japan in their news and articles when it comes to Senkaku’ territorial conflict, participants of a mandatory training program revealed Saturday.

Around 250,000 Chinese journalists must attend the nationwide training program to learn about such topics as Marxist views on journalism, laws and regulations and norms in news-gathering and editing, in order to get their press accreditation renewed, the local media reports by quoting Kyodo news agency.

Chinese Communist Party, whose censorship over the country’s media industry was repeatedly reported, has carried out for the first time this kind of training program before renewing press credentials.

Reporters from newspapers, news agencies, broadcasters and online media were asked to refrain from concessionary comments regarding China’s claims over the Japan-held Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, the participants said.

But at the same time, they warned participants not to adopt overly belligerent positions when it comes to Japan.

After taking the program, Chinese journalists are required to pass an exam, seen taking place between January and February, to obtain press cards.