Clinton protests against “provocations” of N. Korea

8 years ago by in Featured, Politics

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has become the latest voice to join the international protests against North Korea’s planned rocket launch, expected this week.

Clinton met with Japanese foreign minister Koichiro Gemba in Washington. “We share a strong interest in stability on the Korean peninsula,” she said after the meeting. “And we believe that strength and security will not come from more provocations but from North Korea living up to its commitments and obligations.”

“It’s necessary for us to issue a really strong message,” said Gemba. A launch by North Korea “would obviously be a violation of United Nations resolutions,” he added.

On the other hand, Japan’s coast guard began issuing warnings to ships in the area to expect falling debris from North Korea’s planned rocket launch.

“We are announcing by radio the expected time and places where falling objects could appear,” a coast guard spokesman said.

The warning will be issued every day in Japanese and English until the launch is confirmed.

North Korea prepares to launch a long-range rocket between April 12 and 16, which the international powers say is a cover for testing missile technology.