Coach, Michael Kors and the Japanese Fashion Market

7 years ago by in Fashion

Michel Kors ventured into the competitive fashion market of Japan in 2009 and since this period this brand continues to consolidate. The handbag market is just one angle to the products sold by Michael Kors but this area alone is worth a staggering amount each year throughout Japan. Now it is becoming clear that inroads are being made in this area and other important segments of the fashion sector in the land of the rising sun.

Coach may be on the horizons of Michael Kors in Japan because this company is firmly established and highly desired. Indeed, the reputation of Coach is known internationally for being extremely creative and where vibrancy is maintained year after year. Therefore, with Coach being firmly established in Japan and with this nation ranking highly within the profits of this company, the impact of Michael Kors in the handbag market is extremely intriguing.

In the United States it was stated about Coach that their customer service is second to none. This angle is certainly important throughout Japan and noticeably in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka where the fashion market is enormous. According to the data of the Luxury Institute in America 25% of wealthy women had purchased a Coach bag. Equally powerful is that the same statistic was given for buying a new handbag in the next twelve months. No other company came close to Coach in America in other types of surveys.