Public library teams with Starbucks – coffee, books to go

7 years ago by in Business

A new public library opened in Takeo, Saka Prefecture, and it is mixing the passion for reading with the love for coffee. While checking through the 200,000 titles, bookworms can also try a cup of coffee at a Starbucks coffeehouse opened inside the library.

Aside from the Starbucks, inside the library the readers can also find a 50-meter-long open bookshelf and a Tsutaya outlet where they can buy books and rent music and video software. Customers are allowed to drink their coffee while browsing through the books.

The titles are not arranged according to the “Nippon Decimal Classification” that is using each successive digit to divide into nine divisions. Instead, the books are placed like in a regular bookstore, with genres such as science, hobbies or fiction.

New customers can receive loyalty cards, but the library will also accept the residents’ existing library cards because some of them are worried about their personal data being used for commercial purposes.

This is probably the first public-private partnership of its kind between Starbucks Japan and a privately-operated public space, according to the local press.