Coffee fans have better professional, personal lives – report

7 years ago by in Entertainment

A report conducted by De’Longhi Japan Corp, which sales domestic electrification products, shows that drinking coffee can have a great influence in people’s lives, such as improving the results obtained at work, as well as their personal relationships.

The report included the answers of 400 volunteers aged from 30-50 to questions such as: “Over the past three years how much of a change have you seen in your salary?”. Around 25 percent of the participants who answered that they had seen a considerable increase in salary were also drinking coffee regularly. Coffee lovers answered that their salary had seen a rise of Y100 million ($1,012,600) or more and 19 percent of the espresso drinkers said that they were active and motivated at work, according to the local press.

Regarding the next question of the report, “What is your current salary?”, coffee fans seemed to earn more money than people who do not drink coffee at all or rarely. Espresso drinkers take the highest ranking when it comes to raking in the salary, followed by those who attentively brew their coffee by hand using paper filters. Users of coffee makers and drip machines came in last.

Regarding coffee drinkers’ personal life, around 14.3 percent of espresso drinkers consider themselves to be lucky with the ladies, while only 1.4 percent of the paper drip users gave the same answer. Of the espresso drinkers, around 40 percent said they had dated around seven partners or more in the past. Also, around 33.3 percent of them said they think they live a fulfilling life.