Companies donate millions of dollars to the typhoon-hit Philippines

7 years ago by in South East Asia, World

More and more companies are making donations to aid the typhoon-ravaged Philippines. So far, IKEA is on the first position, with a donation of $2.6 million.

PepsiCo, United Parcel Service (UPS), JPMorgan Chase and HSBC have each pledged $1 million.

In Asia, Samsung donated $1 million, while Sony has offered up $150,000. Nikon and Toyota have also donated tens of thousands of dollars, the international press reports.

Other companies are making different kinds of donations. HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Standard Chartered, and Royal Carribean are all matching employee contributions, while Apple has started soliciting contributions for the American Red Cross through its online store.

AirAsia and Zest Hotels are offering free flights and accommodation to aid workers, while FedEx is helping transport equipment and supplies to the worst-affected areas.

Japan, South Korea, the US, Australia and New Zealand have now offered more than $45 million in humanitarian relief in total.

Typhoon Haiyan destroyed entire towns in Philippines on November 8 and authorities fear that more than 10,000 people might be dead, with rescue workers doing their best to cope with the overwhelming efforts of helping survivors. If the number of victims will prove to be correct, this will make Typhoon Haiyan the deadliest the Philippines has ever encountered.