Wealthy Chinese Have Been Butchering Tigers For Fun

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Tigers are being killed in China for sport. At least 10 tigers were killed in this awful mass killing.

Who exactly are slaughtering these majestic creatures? Rich Chinese citizens. Wealthy Chinese citizens have been responsible for the deaths of at least 10 tigers. The reason why they’re doing this awful act is for fun. But, it really needs to be stopped immediately.

Having a tiger as a pet was meant as a display of wealth and their status. Currently 15 suspects have been arrested in the killing and a 16th suspect had jumped to his death.

Killing Tigers


It was suggested that the local public figures and businessmen were the ones who are responsible of the mass killing of tigers as a way to display their status.

Tiger Killing


Not too long ago, video footage of the awful ritual had surfaced. It showed tigers were being kept inside iron cages and they were even electrocuted until they had passed out.

Tiger Killing


Source: BuzzFeed

China had a market for tiger parts. The tiger’s bones can be sold for as much as 14,000 yuan (almost $2,254) per kilo while their meat was being sold for over 1,000 yuan (which would be almost $161) a kilo.

In the 20th century there had been over 100,000 tigers in the wild. Now the population had decreased to 3,200. A 97% decline of the tiger population.