Dalai Lama says Chinese support his visits to Japan

8 years ago by in China, Featured, Japan

The Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama reacted to China’s official objection to his visits in Japan by saying that many Chinese have told him they support the visits. He visits Japan every year, as he receives many invitations from that country, he said.

“I think my visit is quite useful for the Buddhist community here and it’s also my duty to share my knowledge and experiences with the Japanese people,” Dalai Lama told the Japanese press.

He had previously said he was a little worried over the visit to Japan, amid the tension generated by anti-Japanese actions in China.

About the diplomatic conflict developing between the two countries, he said: “”China needs Japan, Japan needs China, as East needs West and West needs East. This is today’s reality. So people, including leaders, should think in a more holistic way to face the reality, rather than have small disagreements and allow vested interests to affect relations.”

The spiritual leader, who is a Nobel Peace laureate, also criticized China’s policies by saying that democracy is the only factor that can bring a stable and harmonious situation in China.

“In the name of harmony, the Chinese government is using secrecy, bullying and oppression towards its own people. That’s why China’s internal security budget is larger than its defense budget. So it clearly shows that China’s biggest enemy is within China itself,” he said.