Datsun car brand returns after 30 years

8 years ago by in Business, Featured

Nissan Motor announced the revival of its historic Datsun brand as well as a new logo, in an effort to conquer new, dynamic markets like Russia, India and Indonesia from 2014.

The Datsun brand was discontinued in 1981. The new logo loses the Japanese “rising sun” which symbolizes the national flag, but this makes sense since the brand would probably not go in Japan at all.

Analysts think the company wants to introduce the Datsun cars again in order to bring in sales volumes at the lower end of the market while keeping the Nissan brand in the upmarket sector.

The Datsun brand would be then to Nissan what Dacia is to Renault – a low-cost brand that sells large volumes without the risk of affecting the premium brand image.

Currently, Nissan gets a third of its revenues from North America and 21 percent from Japan. Datsun will be the third brand of the car maker, after Nissan and Micra, a compact hatchback.