See What Happens When a Daughter Discovers Father’s Unknown Wealth

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The overall actual size of the print is 33 X 23 inches. The quality of the paper used for the copies is superlative and is quite thick.


It’s not everyday that we come across undiscovered wealth.  However, that was the case for one girl who, while arranging the family’s possessions, found a strange-looking piece of paper that was carefully rolled and tucked away in the attic. Unsure of what she had found or what to do with it, she turned to her Twitter account, @Kya7y. That’s when she realized that she had something astonishing in her hands.

Most of us have hobbies.  Some are publicly displayed while others are practiced in private. People find certain hobbies to be weird, horrifying, unique, common, hilarious or even serious.

In regard to the girl’s father, his hobby was exceptional.  For 7 years, K. Nomura, come home from his janitorial work in a public university.  He would always keep himself busy in his exclusive abode.  No one in his family really bothered him because he seemed to be truly satisfied with what he was doing.  He completed a hand-drawn, unsolvable, incredibly detailed maze in 1983. In 2013, his daughter decided to do some general cleaning in their house and unearthed this now in-demand “artwork.”

Buyers are now spending hours trying to solve it.  One client even claims that he can stare at it for ages.  Others have made it into a poster.  Some parents are even making up stories about this maze to tell their little children about it.  A few admirers are even requesting 3D cube mazes.

How long does it take to solve a 7-years-to-make maze?


The time spent on these is remarkable. All these were made 30 years ago…


The creator of this maze wanted to remain completely anonymous and doesn’t want any public recognition for this amazing work.


It seems that this maze is unsolvable. I can clearly see why…


Ever wondered what was in the mind of the artist when he was creating this labyrinth?

We can never judge anyone by their line of work.  Everyone is gifted.  Mathematicians, architects, engineers, artists, geniuses are baffled by the perplexity of this maze.

Source: Twitter: Kya7y