David Bowie Café to Open in Tokyo

7 years ago by in Entertainment

Japan will feature a new, classy café in Tokyo owned by the Thin White Duke – David Bowie. The rock legend will have the café opened for several weeks, in order to promote his first album in the last ten years, „The Next Day”.

During March, residents or tourists who visit Ginza district in Tokyo will be able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of David Bowie Café, opened in the Sony Building. The café will feature a special selection of food and décor.

Starting with 9 March, Pub Cardinal, a British Pub on the first floor of the Sony Building has been converted into a café decorated with various photos, portraits, album covers, books and more celebrating the career of Ziggy Stardust, the local press reports.

The background music will include tracks from David Bowie’s new album and the menu is said to be inspired by the singer himself.

Visitors who come to the café only for the music will be able to listen exclusively to Bowie’s songs using walkmans provided by Sony on the second floor showroom.

As for the menu, the food and drinks list includes Shepherd’s Pie, the artist’s favorite food that is filled with mashed potatoes, chili beans, and cheese and that costs Y1,100 ($12). Also the cocktail „China Girl”, named after the singer’s album Let’s Dance in 1983, is a light drink that costs about Y1,000 ($11).

Another cocktail named after a movie that Bowie starred in is „The man who fell to Earth” and it costs around Y1,000 ($11). Bowie’s first starring role was in this 1976 sci-fi film. The experimental work became popular thanks to its surreal story which wavers between dreams and reality.