Designer creates shoes that make men look 7 cm taller

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

shoesA Japanese footwear designer made a special brand of business shoes that add an extra 7 centimeters to any man’s height.

In Japan, men and women usually have similar heights. However, in order to look taller, women can choose to wear high heels, while men can be less advantaged from this perspective.

This is why Nara Prefecture-based Kitashima Shoe Company made the new shoes, called “Business Up Shoes Slip-on”, which look almost like regular shoes, while actually having elevated heels and an innersole that is hardly visible to anyone. They add extra lift to the wearer, making him seem taller.

“Designed to trick the eye, when the shoe is removed, the inner sole appears much lower down inside than it actually is,” the expert shoemakers assert. “The heel section also provides great shock absorption, meaning that you won’t feel the strain.”

The “Business Up Shoes Slip-on” are available in two colors – black and brown – and are on sale online for Y15,540 ($190) in sizes 23.6 – 26.5 cm, the international press reports. The shoes are made of kangaroo leather and they are suitable for business wear.