Dreamliner's batteries replaced 10 times before emergency landing

7 years ago by in Featured, Technology

787 batteryAll Nippon Airways said on Wednesday that it had additional problems with Boeing 787 Dreamliners' batteries, even before the emergency landing on January 16th.

The Japanese airline company stated it replaced the aircraft's lithium-ion batteries 10 times, due to the fact that they were not charging properly or showed other problems. The issues were not reported to safety regulators because they did not affect the aircraft's safety, the airline's officials said.

On January 16th,  an overheated battery activated smoke alarms and led to the emergency landing of a domestic ANA flight. Several days earlier, a battery caught fire at an airport on a Dreamliner in Boston, according to the international press. After these incidents, the entire global fleet of 787s has been grounded and the safety regulators started their investigation.

No quality problems were found at GS Yuasa, the provider of the batteries that have grounded Boeing’s 787 fleet, but the investigation is still not close to being complete, Japanese investigators said. They will start investigating Kanto Aircraft Instrument, a manufacturer of electrical equipment outside Tokyo, which makes the unit that measures the battery’s voltage, current and temperature.

Boeing has sold or has commitments to build over 800 such planes throughout the world.