Earthquake in Japan – Tokyo Perspective

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March 11, 2011 a massive earthquake hit 81 miles off the northeastern coast of Japan causing tsunamis which created huge amounts of damage and as of yet untold loss of life.

In Tokyo we felt the affects over 200 miles away. That was the worse quake I had ever experienced. My room shook violently and things began cascading off my bookshelf. There were hundreds of people outside not sure if the next Great Tokyo Earthquake had come. There were some sizable aftershocks minutes afterwards and we are still feeling them now.

Tuesday March 15th, there was a large quake in Shizouka that could be felt in Tokyo. Over a hundred people were hurt but none seriously.

The worst though is up north where whole neighborhoods have been washed away by the tsunamis. There is still the ongoing nuclear power plant situation in Fukushima which foreign media keeps hyping up for sensationalism. I’ve grown tired of the rash of insta-nuclear power experts and conspiracy theorists that have been springing up recently with all their doom-n-gloom prophecies.

Thousands stranded at a Tokyo station Friday evening (Mar 11) as trains stopped running

Commuters bed down waiting for trains to resume operations