Even Though This Street In China Is Small, They Have The Best Foods You’ll Ever See

7 years ago by in China

In Qibao, Southeast China, is a tiny water village that is very well known for its tasty street foods which are probably also the best in the whole world. Even though you may not be familiar with Chinese cuisine, there’s no doubt that you’ll find these foods delicious just by looking at them.

This may look like just a small village but wait until you see what they have to offer.



This is called “beggar chicken”. It consists of a whole chicken that is wrapped inside a mud shell then baked.



Maybe you’d be interested in buying skewers of lamb, beef, giblets, and fried chicken. Don’t forget about the fake duck rolls that are made of tofu sheets.



Maybe you’re thirsty and want some Chinese drinks that are made from grapes, citrus jello, grass jelly, coconut bits or watermelon.



In China, these are called malatang. They consist of skewers of giblets, tofu, seaweed knots and mushrooms that are dipped into spicy soup and then eaten out of paper containers. Sounds yummy huh, spicy food lovers?



And more drinks! This time there’s lemon.



This one is interesting. It’s a hollowed out salt chunk that has hundreds of little quail eggs inside and is being both salted and cooked at the same time.



Cute little packages that have steamed brown rice with dates, prunes and raisins in them.



Or maybe you want some hot sticky rice cakes. The purple sticky rice is red bean flavored, the yellow one is durian, and the green one is Chinese medicinal herbs.



Here you have stinky tofu which are fermented tofu squares that are fried in oil until they become crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It is then eaten with some chili sauce and soy sauce.



Chinese fries that are not deep fried but rather stir fried with green onion.



These are marinated pork legs. These are sweet and salty hams that are cut into smaller pieces after purchasing them. They are then eaten straight from the bag.



Lastly, they also sell deep fried crunchy crab with mayo and little bits of lettuce in paper cups.


source: imgur.com