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Introduction to the Tokyo.JapanTimes plancast page

Ever planned a day out but everyone you know was too busy to join you? Did you ditch the plan or go it alone?

Today we are rolling out a feature to the Tokyo.JapanTimes that will allow you to connect with fellow Tokyo.JapanTimes users. We are using Twitter and Facebook right now but have you ever heard of Plancast?

What is this Plancast service that you speak of?

Plancast is a service for sharing your upcoming plans with friends. It’s a social calendar of sorts. Just submit the things you’re thinking about doing in the future, and your friends will be able to hear about them – and maybe join you, too!

What we have done is created a kind of bulletin board for you to announce what you are going to do and allow other people who also like you plan can come and join the fun ^^.

Here is how you can get started:

Login to your account – if you don’t have an account, you can sign up quickly using your Facebook or Twitter account login and it will import all your registration information.

Enter the details on your plan. BUT wait, this is also where you have to add @localjapantimes so you we know that you want us to share your details with all.

On our end, we can see your plan and add that as our plan too. When we add you, your event will be listed in our plan stream allowing other members to know about your plan.

Note: We won’t be adding spammy events, sorry >_<

This is what our stream looks like when we have added you. On our list, you will find other Japan Times readers with interesting and exciting plans. If they are doing something fun, and you want to join, then click on their plan and join them ^^.

I planned to go to a neko cafe (cat cafe) this weekend –> this was meant as an illustration, but, if you want to join me, let me know. I might actually go >_<

See an plan you want to join? come to our plancast page and click count me in!

Highlighted plans around Tokyo

if you see an plan you like click "Count me in!"

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