Ex-PM Kan: Building a nuclear-free Japan is possible

8 years ago by in Featured, Politics

Former premier Naoto Kan, who was leading the government at the time of the 2011 Great Tohoku Quake, said in an interview that he changed his way of thinking on the matter of energy’s future in Japan and that building “a society that does not have to depend on nuclear power plants (…)  is possible.”

The turning point for Kan was that, “at one point, we faced a situation where there was a chance that people might not be able to live in the capital zone including Tokyo and would have to evacuate,” Kan said in an interview for Reuters on Friday.

Even if many technological measures can be taken to make nuclear energy safer, they can not avoid great risks. “I came to think that the safest way is to build a society that does not have to depend on nuclear power plants, and that this is possible,” Kan said.

Asked to comment on the progress made by the current Noda government on the energy path, Kan avoided criticizing his follower.

“The Noda administration is proceeding basically with what I was thinking at that time (of the accident) although there are various forms of resistance such as from some businesses,” Kan said. Noda and the nuclear minister are steadily proceeding with reform, he added.