Exploring Saitama

9 years ago by in Japan Archives

As mentioned in my previous post, my Golden Week has been great trying to capture pics around my surroundings in Saitama.

This round would love to share some of the pics here.

Accidentally discovered this forest park not so far away from my place. Musashino Fureai Forest Park (武蔵野ふれあいの森).

I believe this will look great during autumn!

As usual I explore with the faithful bike.

Love the lush greenies!

Lovely path that makes you feel like walking on it over and over again.

I kinda like this shot, as the it some sort reminds me of 2 paths in life where we’ve to choose either path to continue and there’s no turning back.

Care to join me for an afternoon picnic?

Agriculture farm like this is a common sight in Saitama.

Passing-by the Shingashi River again.

Visiting another park built on marsh.

Kinda amazed that a marshland can turn into such a pretty park!

Love this view as well.

Relaxing at a local park.

Large shopping mall like this can only be found out of Tokyo due to it’s sheer size.

Yours truly, the man behind the camera.

Bonus: Can you guess what train line is this?

Next post might be something dated a month ago, where the flowers are still blooming. 🙂