Eye-Catching Pictures That Show The Difference Between South Korea And North Korea

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1) A city street in South Korea.


While North Korea is ruled by a ruthless dictator, South Korea is enjoying democracy. Even though they have the same peninsula home, they are the complete opposite of each other. A German photographer named Dieter Leistner created a project that was called “Korea-Korea”. He took pictures in both North Korea and South Korea to show how different the two countries are.

2) A city street in North Korea.


3) A bus stop in South Korea.


Seoul, Südkorea, Bushaltestelle

4) A bus stop in North Korea.



5) A woman at work in South Korea.



6) A woman at work in North Korea.



7) Mass transit in South Korea.


Seoul, Südkorea, Metro

8) Mass transit in North Korea.



9) Suburbs in South Korea.



10) Suburbs in North Korea.


Pyongyang, Nordkorea, April 2006, Stadtansichten, Asien

It’s true that North Korea and South Korea are two different countries, but the pictures look like they were taken in different centuries! I think it’s pretty clear that the Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un wants to isolate the nation from the rest of the world.

Source: Upworthy,Dieter Leistner