Fall Colors in Ibaraki

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Here are some pics from a short hiking trip I did back in November 2009. Well it was almost a 20km hike, so I’m not so sure whether I should call it short ^^;

Heres a video I took that day. It really captures the mood.

(Someone tell me, how do I post the video at the bottom of the post?)

Momiji at its best

The weather that day was perfect. Warm sunny day, and the maple leaves were at their best!

Maple leaves in BW

What I’m trying to say here is that all the real beauty of fall is in its colors. Without them, this looks like just any other tree, doesn’t it?


I love clicking these markers on the hiking courses. With a telephoto lens attached, sometimes its hard to find other subjects for clicking.

Fall Colors
And even more
Tozan hiking course

Tozan tranlates to climbing up the mountain. The kanjis are really simple, 上 (Up) + 山 (Mountain)!

On the way back

It was a long walk back to Saigane Eki on Suigun Line. Trains here are really old. The Densha Otakus may be very interested

Tasting Momiji

My friend actually tried tasting. Is it common thing to eat maple leaves?

Walking around the sancho

The sancho (山頂) is not exactly the peak, it is the small area surrounding the summit i.e. Chojo (頂上).

More Colors!
Even More
Some other sancho

It was such a complicated course, we ended up doing quite a few (mini) peaks that day.

Maple leaves on water

Ain’t that beautiful?