Special coffee helps drinkers lose weight in 4 months

7 years ago by in Business

Kao Japan, a chemical and cosmetics company based in Tokyo, will release a new product to its line of health drinks: the fat-burning Healthya coffee.

According to the company, the coffee does not use “fat blockers” like Pepsi Special nor fiber supplements like Mets Zero, two brands of cola that were released in the past and that claim they help the drinkers to lose weight. Kao made Healthya coffee after ten years of research in order to release a product that has healthy effects, the company’s officials said.

Kao explained the process of obtaining the fat-burning coffee:

First, the coffee beans are roasted two and a half times that of usual beans. This increases the amount of chlorogenic acid twofold (270mg per can). Kao claims that they observed a fat processing effect from this polyphenol, the local press reports.

To compensate for the extra roasting, Kao uses a “nanotrap” which reduces the oxides produced from roasting to one-fiftieth the amount of regular coffees. They say that this also creates a unique aftertaste.

About 109 obese men and women were included in a 12-week trial period. After having about 185 ml of fat-burning coffee every day, the subjects reported an average loss of 1.5 kg. 25 percent of the subjects reported weight loss after four weeks, 51 percent after eight weeks and 72 percent after 12 weeks.

“Currently about 50 percent of men suffer from metabolic syndrome. Action must be taken at an early stage for this. Coffee and tea are the world’s two most consumed beverages and drinks that business people come into contact with on a daily basis,” said the president of Kao Michitaka Sawada.

Healthya Coffee will be released across Japan on 4 April and is expected to sell for about Y150 ($1.60) per can. It will be available in two types; Sugar-Free Black and Sugar-Light with Milk.