Fault under plant is inactive, says nuclear operator

9 years ago by in Featured, Japan

Kansai Electric Power Co. is expected to report soon to the government that a fault running under its Oi nuclear plan in Fukui Prefecture is not active.

The company says it has not found data to support such a conclusion. It has been conducting investigations into the fault called F-6, , running north-south between the plant’s Nos. 1-2 reactors and Nos. 3-4 reactors, through digging and boring surveys, according to Kyodo.

The controversial fault poses security risks if the nuclear reactors continue to operate, critics said. The seismic threat has been underestimated by the authorities, Mitsuhisa Watanabe, a tectonic geomorphology professor at Tokyo University, previously said.

Kansai Electric may submit an interim report on the fauld underneath the nuclear plant as early as Wednesday, while the Nuclear Regulation Authority is expected to conduct an on-site inspection on Friday.