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So what is this Featured Feed program we have been hearing about lately?

For those who don’t know, Featured Feeds is a program where we place each others feed on our sites to share traffic, which is what the Internet is all about. Our users get to discover more great content (your blog/site) and your readers get to discover our sites. Win x Win all round.

If you blog about Life in Tokyo, Eating Out, Entertainment and related topics then the Featured Feeds program will not only help increase your exposure but also readership of your blog. It’s also a great program for folks who have just started a blog and would like a boost in readership.

This is a screenshot of the blog belonging to one of our members Otaku News. Have a look here Dailyotaku You will see the RSS feed of Tokyo Japan Times showing up at the bottom of his site.

This is Lem’s website with the RSS feed of Tokyo.JapanTimes showing up at the right of his site.

Being a Featured Feed Partner is simple. All you have to do is follow Steve’s and Lem’s example and place the Tokyo.JapanTimes RSS feed on your top page and all detail pages.

There are plugins for you to easily do this for folks using WordPress, Blogger or other blogging platforms.

Remember – to have your posts displayed on Tokyo.JapanTimes and all over the site in the footer, you need to have the Tokyo.JapanTimes RSS feed registered on your site and be showing at least 5 items.

As soon as the Tokyo.JapanTimes feed is showing up on your site, proceed to edit your Tokyo.JapanTimes profile and click on the "Featured Feed" tab.

You will see "RSS Feed URL" and "Your Website URL" which both should be self explanatory.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your feed is valid. Also, the Website URL should be the location of your site or blog like Robots Dreams for example.

On the right you can see "Feed Category" – choose what you feel fits your blog content. If you cover everything under the rising sun then just categorize as "Life in Tokyo." You can change your category at a later date but your feed needs to be re-approved.

Once you are done, hit "Apply."

Once you hit Apply, the button will change to "Cancel Application" and you will see "Pending Approval" under "Featured Feed Status."

What happens now is that the Japan Times Bot will then visit your site and check to see if the RSS feed of Tokyo.JapanTimes is showing up.

Once the Japan Times Bot has confirmed that you have the Tokyo.JapanTimes feed on your site, the Japan Times Spider will then proceed to spider your feed which will then start to show up on Tokyo.JapanTimes and in the footer. 
This is *not* instantaneous and may take up to 24 hours. You will see "Application Approved" under your "Featured Feed Status." If you see any other message like "Application Rejected" then its most likely that Japan Times Bot could not discover the feed on your top page and blog detail pages.
You can place the Tokyo.JapanTimes feed on your pages and re-apply.

You will also see a link under "Application Approved" to a list of posts that Japan Times Spider went to fetch. The spider usually runs once an hour and fetches the latest couple of posts from your feed.

A few things to note:-

  • Japan Times Spider looks for the first <img src="/moo/someimage.jpg"> in your post and makes a thumbnail from that. At this moment in time, only jpegs are supported. If your image tags are malformed then the spider will not be able to fetch images.
  • Images over 1MB will be ignored.
  • If there is only a YouTube video to be found in your post, the spider will attempt to make a thumbnail from the video.
  • Posts without any images or videos don’t show up by spec – sorry!
  • If your application has been approved but your posts are not showing up then check the validity of your feed at W3C Feed Validator.
  • Check to see if your server or blog settings don’t have leeching settings turned on or we wont be able to grab your image to make a thumbnail.
  • Check your profile settings to see if your feed has been approved. Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid feed registered.
  • You will not receive any notification at this moment in time regarding your feed status – you need to check back under your profile settings.
  • Japan Times Bot will regularly visit partner Featured Feed sites. If it cant find the Tokyo.JapanTimes feed anywhere, it will deactivate your feed and it will not be spidered anymore. In this case, your posts on Tokyo.JapanTimes will disappear. Need all partners to play fair which is why the Japan Times Bot was programed to be strict.
  • However, we understand that there are technical issues from time to time and Japan Times Bot will check a site a few times before deciding to deactivate a Featured Feed partner in the event that the Tokyo.JapanTimes feed cannot be found.
  • Please display at least 5 items from the Tokyo.JapanTimes feed.
  • Japan Times Bot does its rounds when it feels like it and usually goes out during low traffic periods.
  • Finally, If you are trying to grow readership of your site, do be careful with other "Featured Feed" programs which have you placing their feeds on your site which constantly contain many adult type words which will reduce your Google Page Rank and affect your search engine rankings.The idea of a feed share program is to increase readership of your blog – not reduce it by having your search engine rankings reduced.

The Tokyo.JapanTimes RSS feed is here – look forward to working with you!