First Japan tour in last decade brings Paul McCartney $40 million

7 years ago by in Business, Entertainment

In 2013, Paul McCartney performed his first in tour in Japan in the last 11 years. The six concerts for the Japanese fans brought him in around $40.6 million, according to the music industry.

McCartney earned a total of around $105.8 million after completing his tour “New” on four continents in 2013.

In Japan, he began his tour with a two-night series in Osaka on November 11-12 at the Kyocera Dome. The venue, also the city’s major league baseball stadium, seats 50,000, and both shows sold out, bringing in $11.6 million per gig, a $3.4 million jump since the last time McCartney was there, according to the international press.

The ex-member of The Beatles also performed three concerts in Tokyo, with all of them being sold-out. Almost 147,000 tickets were sold, totaling $23.4 million in revenue, another jump from his 2002 tour. In between his dates in Osaka and Tokyo, McCartney played one show at the Yafuoka. Dome in Fukuoka, which brought in an additional $6.6 million.

The foreign artist with the highest earning tour in 2013 was Bon Jovi, with more than $205 million. However, the band played more than 100 shows.