First lesbian wedding at Tokyo Disneyland

8 years ago by in Japan

Tokyo Disneyland hosted its first same sex wedding this month, with Minnie and Mickey attending the two brides’ event.

Koyuki Higashi and her partner Hiroko tied the knot at Cinderella’s Castle on March 1. They became one of the first couples to take advantage of the new Disney Royal Dream Wedding package.

The company first asked one of the brides to wear a tuxedo, but after its representatives talked to the Disney head officials, they dropped the restriction Thus the lovers could both wear beautiful wedding gowns, according to the local press.

“My love Hiroko and I wore wedding dresses and had a mini-parade in DisneySea, a place I also love,” Ms Koyuki Higashi, 28, said on Twitter.”I was really happy!” she said.

After the event was published by various media outlets, many commenters sent the couple warm wishes, while others were less supportive, questioning whether same-sex marriage is really a civil rights issue.

Same-sex marriages are not legal in Japan at the moment, so the nuptials were only ceremonial. However, such a high-profile wedding hosted by a company that is very careful when it comes to its public image is considered by the local media to be a step in the right direction.