Fish swept away from Japan by tsunami, found in America

8 years ago by in Entertainment

A beakfish that was caught in the bait box of a fishing boat taken away by the 2011 tsunami traveled all the way from Japan to the United States and has been discovered alive and well at the end of March on Long Beach, in Washington State.

The striped fish managed to survive for more than two years adrift at sea, the international press comments. His trip ended when the fishing boat ran aground at Long Beach after crossing an incredible distance of 8,000 kilometers across the North Pacific Ocean.

The fish fed himself with remains of other fish, plants and minerals that were also caught up in the same water. He is now on display in Oregon’s Seaside Aquarium and has quickly become a star.

Four other striped beakfish were found in the same boat, but they had to be taken straight to Oregon State University for dissection, as they were not so lucky to survive as the famous fish did.

The little fish is not the only tsunami debris that swam his way to the United States. On Sunday, a Japanese fishing boat was found on a Northern California beach, while in March a piece of wood from a Shinto shrine was found on a beach in Oregon.