Flamingo still on the run after zoo escape

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

A fugitive flamingo that escaped last summer a zoo in northern Japan is still hunted by its keepers with time running out before the winter comes.

The flamingo has been hiding on a lake by the Sea of Okhotsk, some 130 kilometres east of the Asahiyama Zoo, and avoided being captured, as bird experts used nets and even captive flamingos as bait. But with temperatures falling, the bird has to make a move.

Experts say it could migrate south for the winter, which would make it difficult for the zoo keepers to continue the hunt.

“We want to capture it ourselves if possible. But if we don’t, it can survive the winter if it flies south to warmer places with migratory birds such as swans and geese,” a representative of the Asahiyama Zoo said.

“But if it goes to the main island of Honshu, it will be difficult to continue our hunt because of the costs involved.”