Flying tray delivers food to clients in Japanese restaurant

8 years ago by in Business, Entertainment

YO! Sushi Japanese restaurant’s owner in London came up with an original idea for delivering food to its customers: it uses remote-controlled flying trays that move on their own to the hungry client’s table.

The flying tray, called the iTray, can bring food to the table at a speed of maximum 40 kmph. It is a lightweight, carbon fibre gadget and has a range of 50 metres, the international press reports.

Waiters at YO! Sushi restaurant use an iPad app to guide the platter through the air, while kitchen staff can check that the food got to the right table by watching real-time video feeds from two on-board cameras.

It is not the first time when customers try innovative ideas at the restaurant that was launched in 1997. Speaking robot drinks trolleys, self-heating plates and video game toilets have been some other innovations that have been used by the chain at its 64 stores in the United Kingdom.

“When I ordered the burger I did not imagine it was ever going to come flying across into my face on a tray. It was amazing. It was the weirdest thing, like something out of a science-fiction novel,” one customer said.