Four dead, two missing climbers on Japan’s mountains

7 years ago by in Japan

Four climbers lost their life and two others are missing on mountains including Mount Fuji in central Japan, the police reported on Monday.

The body of 56-year-old woman was found on Sunday by the police. She was missing since an avalanche hit a group of climbers on Mount Shirouma in Nagano prefecture one day earlier.

“We have continued searching for two male climbers who were feared to be involved in the same avalanche,” said a spokesman for the Nagano Police Department, according to the international press.

The bodies of two other men in their 50s were found by the police on Sunday, while they were climbing in other areas.

The last victim, a man aged 53, was found on Mount Fuji on Sunday by the police in Yamanashi prefecture. The cause of his death seems to have been a severe fall, according to the local media.

Police in central Japan are warning climbers against avalanches or other snow-related accidents in the region, where heavy snow still covers major mountains.