Fuel cell cars could be available in Japan within 2 years

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Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are electric cars that do not pollute almost at all, as they are fueled by hydrogen and the oxygen in the air. At the moment, there are very few FCEVs available for sale, but the situation is about to change, especially in Japan, where carmakers are planning to start selling FCEVs by 2015.

“Fuel cell vehicles do not emit harmful fumes and will not be seriously limited by the distance they can travel or the time required for refueling. They will eventually replace battery electric vehicles,” Toyota Vice Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada said, according to the local press.

Toyota plans to start selling sedans featuring fuel cell technology in 2015, and Honda wants to launch its own FCEVs in the same period.

Toyota is trying to make the FCEV’s production cheaper, so it created alliances with other companies to help lower research and development costs, according to the international press.

In January, Toyota made an agreement with Germany’s BMW to work together for making FCEVs, the strategy being to accelerate market growth by lowering prices through mass production. After Toyota’s announcement, Nissan Motor also stated that it will start making FCEVs together with Daimler AG of Germany and Ford Motor of the United States. The three carmakers’ target is to have FCEV models by 2017.