Fuji Rock: Coverage

10 years ago by in Japan Archives

We have a few folks covering the Fuji Rock Festival. If you’re there, please say hi to them!

James will be interviewing several bands backstage. If you have any questions you want him to ask them, let us know in the comments section or tweet us your questions at @localjapantimes .

Alexis will be taking pretty pictures of the event. If you want to say "Hi Mum, I’m on Tokyo.JapanTimes," give him a wave and feed him cookies – he just might take your picture.

Richard will be posting live on the site too, running around and broadcasting his antics with live streaming video. We’ll try to give you a heads-up when he starts broadcasting.

Here’s a quick introduction to our guys

James Hadfield’s earliest musical memories are of mid-’80s pop and the Jean Michel Jarre albums his dad used to play in the car. These days, he spends most of his time editing Metropolis magazine and going to gigs. He’s looking forward to watching LCD Soundsystem and the Narasirato Pan Pipers at this year’s Fuji Rock, and is slightly disappointed by the lack of Mongolian metal bands. He tweets at @JamesHadfield.

Alexis Wuillaume is originally from Belgium. He came to Japan to study film directing. He is now working as a Tokyo-based freelance photographer.
Alexis is looking forward to Muse, Atoms for Peace, Chris Cunningham and Air at this year’s Fuji Rock.
He tweets at @LoveEiga

Richard Smart is a Tokyo-based freelance journalist who spends his free time clubbing, drinking and getting up to mischief. You can find his articles here: http://bit.ly/d5J1AI
He tweets at @tokyorich.