Fuji Rock: Your story!!!

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Going to Fuji Rock?

Tell us about Fuji Rock on Tokyo.JapanTimes. Send us an Email from your keitai or your computer (but why would you bring a computer with you?) with an attached image to frf@tokyo.japantimes.co.jp and your post will be featured on our site.

Which bands rocked? Which bands sucked? What are you wearing? Where are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? (OK, your mum wanted to know that one.)
Tell us everything about your three-day rock star/hippie/hipster sojoun.

There’s more!

Just finished making the Fuji Rock page to cover the event. You will be able to see all the Tweets from both the band members and also everyone talking about Fuji Rock. We also have a live video feed of the event and will announce the schedule soon. Check it out here: