Fukushima plant to draw tourists

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Japan’s Fukushima power plant – that was hit by a disastrous magnitude-9 earthquake and tsunami back in 2011 – could become a tourist atttraction despite being highly contaminated by levels of radiation.

At the moment the area is not visited, as the land and ocean around the power plant have been repeatedly damaged by contaminated water leaks.

However, a group of authors, scholars, academics and architects are working to create in the area a new community that could be called Fukushima Gate Village, according to the international press.

The village is planned to be located on the edge of the exclusion zone, at around 40 kilometeres away from the power plant where the second-worst nuclear accident in history occured two years ago.

Fukushima Gate Village is planned to remind to the generations to come about the disaster that hit the area in March 2011. It is also hoped the new project will provide more jobs for the residents. At the moment many of them cannot return to their homes for more than several hours, due to the high level of radiation.

Experts think that it will take a long time, such as around 30 years, for the area around the power plant and for Fukushima’s reactors to be decontaminated.

Fukushima Gate Village will have hotels specially designed to protect tourists against high levels of radiation, restaurants and souvenir shops, as well as a museum dedicated to the impact the disaster has had on the local community.