Fukushima radioactive cars sold under disguise

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Used cars that belonged in the past to people living in the nuclear crisis’ epicenter Fukushima are being sold to unsuspecting clients on the Japanese market.

According to a report by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, instead of destroying the dangerously radioactive cars, many dealers change the license plates to disguise the cars and fool buyers.

An already famous case is a van that was found to emit 110 microsieverts an hour, while the accepted limit for cars to be exported is 0.3 microsieverts an hour. A dealer from Osaka bought the car at an auction and explained later that even if he tried hard to reduce the radiation level in the car, by decontaminating and replacing parts as wipers and tires, it only dropped to 30 microsieverts per hour.

"I decided to sell the vehicle in Japan because I couldn’t afford to lose the money," the unnamed dealer said.

Japanese harbor authorities have said that so far about 660 cars have been barred from export because the recorded radiation level exceeded allowed limits.