Funny gifts for White Day: Gummy replicas of men

7 years ago by in Entertainment

FabCafe, a coffee house and creative workshop in Tokyo, came with an original idea when it comes to making presents on White Day: personalized gummy replicas of men.

Probably as a reaction to the face-shaped chocolates doled out by Japan’s ladies this Valentine’s Day, FabCafe is using 3-D printers and scanners to create miniature gummy versions of men, according to the local press.

The jelly replicas can be used as original gifts on White Day, when women receive presents from their lovers, coworkers or husbands. Usually, White Day gifts are cookies, jewellery, white chocolate, white lingerie, and marshmallows.

As part of its “Think 3D” workshop, the staff at the Shibuya-based cafe have invited men from Tokyo to create an alternative White Day gift for about Y6,000 ($62).

For creating a 3D gummy man, the model has to stand still while his entire body is scanned and fed into a modeling program. Then, the Freeform program allows the technician to make any necessary nips and tucks.

After the data is sent to the modelling “printer”, the gummies are left to set. And then, the final step is for the man to hand over the gift to his loved one and watch the miniature version of him being devoured.